Top 10 of 2013

I figure you’re swamped with Top 10 lists at the end of the year, so why not post mine at the beginning of the year when you’re looking for something to read. It was another busy year and I saw lots of interesting/weird stuff. I try to get photos of everything and share them up on the facebook page (

I went through the photos from last year and here are your top 10 from 2013:

10. How do you get in??


9. Furnaces are not maintenance free (this filter’s three years old!):


8. 50-year-old galvanized pipes look pretty nasty inside:


7. Duct tape is not a plumbing fix:


6. If you lose the blunt-tip screw that secures your electrical panel cover, don’t drill a new hole to use a pointy screw:


5. A sure sign your deck has heaved:


4. Just an awful retaining wall:


3. That’s my screwdriver through the deck ledger board (rest of the deck was rotted too):


2. Party on the balcony!!:


1. You really think that’s going to work??:


Thanks again for all your support. Here’s to a busy 2014!


About Jon Errickson

A home inspector in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.
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1 Response to Top 10 of 2013

  1. Sue says:

    you should write a book—-the duct tape people would love it!!!

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