Top 16 of 2015

Around this time of year I like to put together a top 10 photos from the previous year. I had a hard time narrowing it down this year, so you get a top 16 of the year. Without further ado…

The leopard attic. I’ve never seen this in an attic before. The only guess was someone decided to spray paint all the roofing nails to keep them from rusting:leopard attic

The leaning chimney: Leaning chimney

Water in the crawlspace that gets covered with plastic (it’s probably best if you take care of the water first):water in the crawlspace

Disconnected water heater vent pipe in the attic space:disconnected water heater vent

Multiple double taps (don’t do this at home):double taps

This house had been vacant for a while and I’m guessing the heat and humidity caused the ceiling fan blades to droop (wanna see it in motion? droopy fan video):Droopy fan

We were wondering what that smell was coming from the fireplace:squirrel in smoke chamber

This is not how the electrical service wires are supposed to come into your house:electrical service connection

The strap must have kept the freezer door open just a little:frosty freezer

Saddle valves are notorious for leaking:leaking saddle valve

You’re missing something:missing roof shingles

Mouse house:mouse nest in electrical panel

That’s some old insulation:old headline

Common remodeling mistake:remodel

Flat roof pond:roof pond

Time to replace the water heater:water heater burn out

There you go! Have a great 2016!



About Jon Errickson

A home inspector in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.
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